Cupping is a traditional therapy that has been practiced for millennia in China and in modern times is commonly combined with acupuncture treatment.

Cupping is a great and natural way to help body circulation.

When apply cupping, we will create a vacuum in a cup and then place it along the meridian system. As some tissue is drawn by the cup, it draws toxins and old stagnant blood from deep within your body to the surface skin layers. This will enhance your circulation and metabolism, loosen your muscles and encourage blood flow. When cupping is combined with acupuncture, it enhances and hastens the healing process, which is both relaxing and pain relieving.

Cupping is believed to penetrate the deeper tissues to draw toxins and blockages onto the surface area. In our clinic we use cupping to assist back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, and migraines symptoms.