What is Acupuncture?

In Chinese medicine, the healthy functioning of the body is governed by the flow of “qi” (, “energy”) through a system of channels. When all the flows are smooth, all organs are functioning well, and body is in balance. When this flow of qi is disrupted, organ functions are disrupted, and this can often result in discomfort or even illness. To treat the problem, we will insert very fine needles at specific energy points (acu point) along the channels to unblock and rebalance the body.

The flow of qi can be disrupted in many ways: emotional upset, physical trauma, poor diet and overwork are all common causes. Blockages in the flow of qi can manifest as pain, hot or cold sensations, or colour changes. These signs, along with pulse and tongue diagnosis can help us to determine the underlying cause, so we can then select the appropriate points and channels to treat so that the body self-repairs.

Along with needles, we may also combine other techniques to tailor the treatment plan to your specific needs. One of the modality which is often combined with needle treatment is moxibustion (Moxa)

Acupunture With Moxa

The word used to represent acupunture in Chinese pronounced “zhen-jiu”  (針灸)actually refers to a combination of two different treatments working together. The first letter “針” is needle and second letter “灸” is moxibustion.

Since long ago, the two treatments are often performed together with believe that the needle may help to unblocking the blockages, while moxa is believe to have affect on  warming up energy within to facilitate the energy flow.