About David Lee:

Originally from Taiwan, David migrated to Australia in the late 1990s. Raised by a family of medical professionals, he grew up with keen interests in both Classical Chinese literature and Chinese philosophy, which form the basis of Chinese Medicine.

After being accepted into one of the top Taiwanese universities, China Medical University, David returned to Taiwan to begin 8 years medical training where he attained a double degree in Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After receiving his Chinese Medicine Doctor accreditation in 2008, he then spent two years working at Gao-Tang General Hospital before returning to Australia in 2010 to start his own acupuncture practice in the heart of Sydney CBD.

Finding and solving the root problem so that the body can return to balance is the central core of Chinese Medicine philosophy. Chinese Medicine takes on a holistic approach that aims to promote the body to heal itself. 

As a registered member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), David continues to further his study and professional skills to ensure he provides the highest level of care for all his patients.

David is married and is a strong advocate for the benefits of Chinese Medicine. In his leisure he enjoys reading, including Oriental philosophy, photography and animation.