David Lee Acupuncture Wynyard is where Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture combine together to promote holistic health.

Here at the clinic we endeavour to provide only the best quality service for your wellbeing. We are committed to helping you restore your health to its fullest potential through an appropriate combination of treatments including acupuncture, cupping and herbal therapies.

During your initial consultation David will try to fully understand your condition. This then allows him to quickly locate the problem at its source so that the subsequent treatment is well targeted and may be better assist.

If required, a personalised Treatment Plan will be prepared after the first consultation. He will explain the cause and possible outcome, what will be the recommended treatment and how they may be able to assist your recovery.

All treatments are performed in a private and peaceful setting, so you feel comfortable during your visit. Located in the CBD, we strive to accommodate our clients by offering flexible appointment times at extended opening times.